You remind me of polaroids. A splash of kaleidoscopic hues ruminating in the slivers of spaces tucked between saturated reality and sepia dreams, flourishing on the cusp of bloomed abstraction. A dynamite beauty somehow dwindled down to something stark and simple when captured in frames of monochrome, the rest of the world on the back burner when it dissolves into pixelated form around your printed silhouette.

You remind me of statuettes. Delicate porcelain sculpted in careful intricacy, expert fingers weaving movement into an image of absolute quietude, complete stillness. Finely crafted features recreated into a nude essence of the earth that first breathed life into you, recreated for grandiose admiration, recreated for all eyes to fall upon in open wonderment at the sheer amount of attention evident in every sweeping slope, gentle edge.

One day I will drench every canvas in the world with your enchanting visage, teach humankind art all over again to dedicate every masterpiece I cannot write to your name.



expose my own inner layers with writing.

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