Melody Always Surrounds You

Melody lives in your navel, it connects you to everything that gives you life. Even before you are whole, and when that umbilical cord is cut for the very first time, melody lives on in in your navel, giving you courage to face the world alone outside the dimly it, cozy womb of your beloved mother. In the womb, you don’t know things like sorrow, disease, and death. But you also don’t know flowers, puppies, kisses, sunshine, and the sea. Melody holds you through your navel and leads you into the world to discover it’s delights, and when you make melody your bestest friend, the delights always outnumber the despairs.

Soon, you grow up, and your navel stops fascinating you―it doesn’t tickle you anymore. But, melody always grows up with you and continues living in your navel. You see, melody does not get lost in the rut of the world, and melody does not despair. It makes a mansion inside you, one you can enter through your navel. I am pretty sure that if you were to be opened this instant, melody would be walking on the slippery tightrope of your intestines, surrounded by rivers of your rich blood, undettered by the darkness, undistracted from the cheers or boos of your organs, just getting stronger and stronger by basking in the spotlight from the sunshine that enters you every time you laugh.

Melody isn’t lost, my dear. Melody lives in your navel, and it’s prancing around as we speak. So let’s enjoy the show, shall we?.



expose my own inner layers with writing.

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